Franklin Templeton Partners with vWise to Deliver Personalized Investment Solutions to Defined Contribution Participants

Franklin Templeton announced a strategic investment and collaboration with California-based vWise, Inc. to integrate technology, predictive analytics, behavioral finance insights and a personalized investment solution designed to improve retirement outcomes in Defined Contribution (DC) Plans.

Ameritas experiences success with help from new vWise rollover enhancement.

vWise, Inc., a leading provider of innovative, scalable solutions for the retirement industry, has developed and launched a new enhancement for Ameritas that is expected to help the company exceed its annual roll-in goal.

vWise announces relationship with Insperity to enhance retirement services plans.

vvWise, Inc. today announced its relationship with Insperity to enhance the 401(k) plan experience of participants through the use of the SmartPlan solution. SmartPlan helps drive participant action, improve employees’ confidence levels and boosts participation and contribution rates.