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vWise is an award-winning thought leader and innovator in the retirement market, offering solutions that can be applied across multiple business segments. Our comprehensive Digital Experience Platform helps participants say “yes” to everything from joining the plan and saving more to investing confidently and adopting a wide range of financial products and services. The vWise platform intelligently transforms data into robust participant profiles, empowering financial services providers to deliver personalized experiences with relevant calls-to-action that build trusted relationships and drive informed decision-making.

A proven engagement formula
We understand that successful engagement requires two equally important factors:
  1. Intuitive design and communications expertise ensure that we simplify complex information and streamline the participant journey, making it easy for participants to understand and act.
  2. Sophisticated technology enables us to efficiently integrate demographic, behavioral, financial and transactional data sources to create personalized experiences that lead to frictionless transactions.
Our success stems from three elements that uniquely position vWise to help you achieve your goals:
  • Established integrations with recordkeepers representing 70% of the DC market.
  • Proven expertise in the retirement plan market segment.
  • Extensive experience communicating in highly regulated markets.
No. The Enroll and Optimize solutions, as well as Adopt, and Connect, can be implemented individually – or in conjunction with one or more of the other solutions – to improve plan outcomes.
Each vWise solution can be customized to reflect your brand identity without the investment in development and infrastructure compliance.
  • Your brand logo and color palette are featured throughout the experience.
  • Customizable content is adapted to your brand’s voice and style.
  • Your existing participant-facing digital channels are integrated into the platform for a seamless user experience.
Each solution is also customizable at the plan level to meet your needs, offering scalability, ease of management, and flexibility to help you improve bottom-line performance and stay competitive in today’s digital economy.
To make it easier for clients, vWise offers multiple options for integrating with a recordkeeping system. Options include API connection, end point connection, and batch file via SFTP. We will work with your staff to determine the best implementation path for you. The process includes:
  • Identifying and analyzing the experience requirements.
  • Reviewing and approving the experience(s).
  • Configuring the experience(s).
  • Identifying the data and connection type.
  • Setting up data and connection sharing, testing, training, and acceptance.
Depending on the system, current connections and the complexity of customization requirements, implementation of the vWise platform can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months.
We understand that every participant is unique, each with different financial situations, advice needs and retirement expectations. The vWise platform intelligently transforms data into robust participant profiles, empowering you to deliver personalized experiences with relevant calls-to-action that build trusted relationships and drive informed decision-making.
  • With the integration of demographic, behavioral and transactional data, the platform selects the next best step for each participant, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Each solution offers customizable content and targeted insights that increase participants’ confidence to make informed decisions.
vWise provides a secure environment for plan setup, data exchange, campaign management, frictionless transactions, and reporting. Data is securely managed to protect our clients’ interests and maintain participant privacy. Advanced security protocols and tools ensure the security of all participant data. The vWise platform is SOC-compliant to ensure all data remain secure. We also require our hosting site to maintain ISO 27001 compliance, FedRAMP authorization, and PCI Certification. Additionally, we’ve implemented sophisticated system monitoring and logging practices and a two-factor authentication requirement for all server access.

vWise data security:
  • Implements secure cipher suites and protocols to encrypt in transit and at rest traffic.
  • Configures firewalls based on industry best practices.
  • Aligns with AWS Security Groups to block unnecessary ports.
  • Performs automated vulnerability scans on our production hosts.
  • Remediates vulnerabilities that present a risk to our environment.
  • Enforces screen lockouts and usage of full disk encryption for company laptops.
  • Contracts with respected external security firms to perform regular security.
  • Employs continuous hybrid automated scanning of our web platform.
Record retention and management are important components of the vWise platform. We collect and store participant profile information including [name, address, phone, email, DOB and social security]. We also track and store all participant-driven events – from deferral rate changes and other transactions to new activities captured through SSO authentication or batch file transfers. This data, which is used to continuously update a participant’s profile, is available to you along with all historical information that is collected from the moment the participant engages with the vWise platform. Once a participant leaves the company or plan, we keep their data for no more than 30 days to support potential investigative requests.
The vWise platform is SOC-compliant to ensure all data remains secure. We also require our hosting site to maintain ISO 27001 compliance, FedRAMP authorization, and PCI Certification. Additionally, we’ve implemented sophisticated system monitoring and logging practices and a two-factor authentication requirement for all server access.

vWise also provides access to data and digital features that you can use to help your firm stay compliant.
  • Electronic distribution of regulatory notices, agreements, fee information and disclosures ensures the timely distribution of all necessary documentation.
  • Audit-trails give you access to every plan-related action taken by participants over time and sends that data back to the recordkeeper so all systems remain in sync.
  • Confirmation of communication delivery and proof of consumption for compliance reporting exceed 404 (c) requirements.
vWise offers flexible data collection options so you implement solutions based on your needs. The approach we take depends on whether a plan is integrated with a recordkeeping platform:
  • Integrated systems automatically sync participant data. If a plan is integrated with a recordkeeping platform, vWise can collect, aggregate, manage, store, and update plan and participant data through the single sign-on (SSO) authentication process. This option supports a faster implementation process.
  • Non-integrated systems receive data through batch files first, then syncs. When integration is not available, vWise can also collect data from multiple systems before it updates participant profiles. While this option is not automatic and immediate, it is faster and more efficient than collecting data directly from the recordkeeper.
vWise flexible data capturing
  • Provides automatic integrations with SRT, OMNI, Relius and DST recordkeeping systems.
  • Supports Secure FTP and API data file formats.
  • Offers data exchange frequencies based on client program needs.
  • Allows to clients decide who executes the authentication process and who hosts the experience.
vWise prides itself on the level of service we provide. As a client you have access to an account manager who will:
  • Guide you through the onboarding and implementation process.
  • Work with you to develop the best strategies to help you reach your goals.
  • Serve as your strategic partner by leveraging analytics to continuously improve plan performance.
If your account manager is not available, you can also get assistance 24/7 through our online Administrative Portal, or by contacting us directly at support@vwise.com or (877) 820-8212. Office hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday, except nationally recognized holidays.
vWise solutions empower institutional asset managers and other investment/financial product providers to transform participant data into compelling, personalized experiences at scale. Sophisticated technology and intuitive design help build trusted relationships that increase engagement and product adoption.

Our Adopt solution:
  • Brings together data from multiple sources to deliver personalized messages that inform, motivate and prompt participants to say “yes” to your product.
  • Links participants to a wide range of financial products and services — from managed accounts to annuities to financial wellness programs.
  • Makes complex products easy to understand, motivating participants to learn about and adopt your products.
  • Tracks and reports participant transactions directly back to you.
vWise will work closely with your team through each stage of the implementation process. Here’s what you can expect:

Phase I: Discovery + Immersion Together, we will define goals and requirements, confirm a list of key deliverables and review any specific challenges and gaps.

Phase II: Statement of Work + Timeline Next, we will use the information created in Phase I to create a full Statement of Work, which will serve as our guide for the design and implementation of your project.

Phase III: UX Strategy and Design Here we will identify and prioritize the content and data to be used in our communications, and preview how everything will look and function.

Phase IV: Data. Definitions / Specifications We will work with your team to define data specifications and the delivery process, —according to best practices.

Phase V: Visual Design Using a combination of graphic, visual, user interface and interaction design, we develop a look and feel that incorporates your brand identity, standards and strategy. This includes incorporating color, typography, space, imagery and graphics from your brand guidelines to align the user experience.

Phase VI: QA / Testing In this final phase of implementation, we coordinate functional QA testing, followed by functional User Acceptance Testing (UAT), in accordance with established workflows.
With vWise, you have the option to customize each solution to help meet your unique goals.
  • We work with you to identify which calls-to-action lead to the transactions you need to optimize outcomes–from enrollment to increasing deferral rates to product adoption.
  • You determine the specific order and frequency of messages you want to offer clients based on service level, plan size and other factors.
  •  You can also offer additional messages that prompt participants to engage with a wide range of financial wellness resources, products and services beyond the plan, such as managed accounts, annuities, budgeting, and debt management services to name a few.
The vWise solution is proven to strengthen plan outcomes. A few examples include:
  • Participation rates have increased up to 30%.
  • Average deferral rate for first-time enrollees is over 8%.
  • Existing Participant deferral rates increase by 88% on average.
  • 65% of participants who engage with the platform complete a transaction.
The vWise platform tracks participants’ demographic, behavioral, financial, and transactional data and reports it back to you, helping you gain actionable insights. Comprehensive analytics and reporting measure the effectiveness of content, calls-to-action and participant experiences.

Additionally, our solutions provide you with an audit trail of every employee online session. All employee education session data, investment choices and deferral elections are recorded. Employee education data includes individual pages viewed, modules completed, date, time, and device type for each session. Permanent records of employee education, plan information viewed, data submitted, and other interactions help plan sponsors prove they are meeting their fiduciary responsibilities.

Dashboards, reports, and analytics provide a comprehensive view of retirement plan performance and participant activity.
For more information about the vWise Digital Experience Platform or to request a demo, please call 877.820.8212.

Connect to yes. Put our experience and expertise to work for you today.

For more information about any of the vWise solutions, or the complete digital engagement platform, contact us.

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Our vision is to shape the future of participant engagement by harnessing the power of data to orchestrate compelling experiences that create unprecedented value to financial services providers and the people they serve.