Data from multiple sources enables deeper participant connections

The vWise platform collects data from plan recordkeepers, sponsors and third-party sources to create a holistic profile of participants, which can be used to create the foundation of your product adoption strategy.

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Two ways to integrate data into your marketing efforts

vWise provides a solid foundation to support your marketing initiatives — and the flexibility to choose how we can best serve you.

Data only. If you already have a marketing platform in place, we can deliver the curated data directly to your internal team in any format that is required.

Data + engagement. If you don’t have resources to build and execute a participant engagement strategy, we can do that too, using our proven marketing model.

Existing relationships support speed-to-market capabilities

The foundation of vWise Connect is based on existing integrations we have established with the top recordkeeping platforms in the retirement market. These connections enable you to:

Aggregate data from multiple sources quickly and easily.

Integrate data into your marketing strategy.

Dynamically track, report, audit and manage the data.

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How vWise integrates data into the experience


Aggregate data from multiple sources.


Customize and manage your data.


Access data via large-scale batch processing and API integrations.


Continuously update participant profiles and report to all stakeholders.

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Discover other solutions

Increase product awareness and adoption.

The vWise Adopt solution empowers you to transform participant data into compelling, personalized experiences at scale. Sophisticated technology and intuitive design help you build trusted relationships that increase engagement and product adoption.

Connect to yes. Put our experience and expertise to work for you today.

For more information about any of the vWise solutions, or the complete digital engagement platform, contact us.

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Our vision is to shape the future of participant engagement by harnessing the power of data to orchestrate compelling experiences that create unprecedented value to financial services providers and the people they serve.