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We understand the power of messaging, timing and media that engage and drive action

vWise is relentlessly focused on creating highly interactive experiences that boost confidence and drive informed decision making. We base our solutions on behavioral finance fundamentals and the way today’s digital-savvy audience consumes content. The vWise solution delivers relevant, bite-sized modules of information that can be watched, skipped and watched again. At any point in their journey, participants can learn more by accessing engaging videos that address timely topics, including asset allocation, equity styles and retirement risks. Whether they are new to their benefits programs or seasoned investors, individuals can direct their experience to meet their specific needs; anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Our Team

Tony Mingo

Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer

Tony Mingo has spent over two decades dedicated to financial planning for both individuals and small businesses. He founded vWise on October 9, 2006 to create change in the employee benefits industry and how employees engage with their benefit plans. Prior to founding vWise, Tony was First Vice President of Investments at UBS Financial Services, Inc where he was often in the top performer roster for both sales and revenue. Mr. Mingo’s experience managing investments for private individuals and companies prompted the idea for vWise. Prior to his work in investments, Mr. Mingo was the Managing Director of Vena Engineering in San Jose, CA, where his role included taking the company from a start-up with seed capital to profitability in 18 months. In addition, Mr. Mingo serves on the Foundation Board at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, CA.

David Ferrigno

Chief Financial Officer

David Ferringo has 20 years’ experience as a driving force in scaling fast-growing companies, including hands-on experience with software and the benefits industry. He comes to vWise after many years as CFO for specialty retailer GameScape. In this role, he helped pioneer financial models, software and systems which were rolled out to thousands of locations around the country with Blockbuster Video (GameRush), Hollywood Video (GameCrazy) and Movie Gallery (GameZone). Mr. Ferrigno is a graduate of Harvard University, and was a running back on their Ivy Championship football team.

James Liberi

Senior VP of Sales

Prior to joining vWise, James Liberi served as the First Vice President, Head of Sales and Distribution for Institutional Banking Group and Financial Services Representative for First Financial Group. In his previous roles, Mr. Liberi developed multiple NSCC tradable DTCC- eligible FDIC insured product for the qualified markets, sold to commission and fee-based advisors, negotiated and signed 100 3rd party administrators/record-keepers, and built, hired, and developed a national sales team, leading the team to exceed objectives and expectations. A Graduate of West Chester University, James currently serves as a Spark Board Member and is also a member of his local and national ASPA.

Shannan Mingo

VP Client Services

Shannan has been with vWise since 2009. vWise Account Managers and Communication staff report to Shannan and are responsible for the growth and retention of the vWise client base. Prior to joining vWise, Shannan spent her career in large case account management in the health insurance industry. She has spent her career managing accounts for employee benefits firms, including CIGNA HealthCare for 15 years, where she supervised relationships with large corporate clients like Chevron, Intel, Harrah’s, and Fluor Daniel, and led a team of more than two dozen account managers.

David Gorsline

VP Technology, Technical Product Management

Dave joined the vWise Technology Department in 2007. Over the last 10 years he has led integration projects with nearly a dozen Record Keeping Platforms and guided numerous vWise product enhancements from conception to Production. Before coming to vWise, David Gorsline served as a manager for the city of San Clemente, California, where he was responsible for office operations and managing the city’s relationships with its business partners. Prior to his work with the city, Dave held customer services oriented positions in various industries.

Brandi Fear

VP Project Management

Brandi Fear has spent her entire career in marketing and sales support. Prior to joining vWise, Brandi worked for companies such as Vertical Management Systems, Inc., CNA Trust and Union Bank, N.A. where she has done all marketing work from proposal coordination to competitor analysis and external advertising support, to creating social media campaigns and coordinating special events.

P.J. Palmer

Vice President, Production, Creative Director

Award winning filmmaker and 20-year veteran of the film industry, P.J. Palmer has been with vWise since its inception in 2006. As vWise’s in-house director and producer of content, P.J. oversees and directs the creative teams that develop and produce vWise content, including video, audio, animation, web and print assets used in vWise products, websites, email and print marketing, corporate and custom projects.

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