Automatic Features

Drive better plan outcomes.

The vWise Platform seamlessly supports plans with automatic features, driving higher enrollment and deferral rates.

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Leverage automatic deferral increases to improve plan outcomes.

The Enrollment experience accommodates both auto-escalate and auto-increase to raise deferral rates over time.

  • Educate participants about the benefits of their default auto-escalate schedule
  • Drive participants to choose auto-increase by displaying options to optimize retirement income
  • Help participants quickly and easily choose an auto-increase schedule

Fulfill auto-enrollment communication requirements.

The flexible and scalable auto-enrollment feature educates participants about their auto-enrollment options.

  • Targeted emails announce the auto-enrollment period
  • Communicate plan specifics like default contribution rate and QDIA
  • Provide participants the ability to opt out of ACA
  • Give participants the option to choose a higher deferral rate